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The event, titled “Voices of Resilience: Contribution of Youth to Leadership Inspiration in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Actions,” drew more than 35 attendees. Thomas JCI, the local chapter representative, highlighted the youth’s pivotal role in moderating climate change adaptation actions.

Esteemed speaker Deborah Mukundwa delved into policy development, emphasizing collaboration on an international, national, and global scale, while underscoring the importance of educational opportunities. Nicole Bahati focused on youth participation in the green environment, promoting entrepreneurship, and innovation in line with the Recent Nairobi declaration.

Iyamuremye Loarnd stressed the significance of teaming up with youth interested in climate activism, sharing insights into various climate adaptation actions, including advocacy, tree planting, and renewable energy mobilization. Participants displayed strong interest in collaboration and action. JCI Rwanda National concluded by urging all attendees to make addressing climate change their assignment and welcomed those interested in joining the JCI Network.

The event’s skilled moderator, Anastase, facilitated a dynamic two-hour session. Key takeaways include increased awareness of youth’s resilience and positive contributions, enhanced knowledge exchange, and networking. The event inspired motivation to support youth chapters in climate mitigation and adaptation actions and develop inclusive strategies.

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