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Our Program

Decent work and economic growth

Good health and well-being


Sustainable cities and communities


Our Pillars of Development

Individual Development

JCI Rwanda believes that each and every one person have a responsibility to help in the development of his community. By our training, we develop the individual potential to empower them to change their own health, education and economic situation. Coach them the way to find a personalised solution to meet their needs.


With the aim of Build business and personal relationships through recurring networking events, one of JCI’s Rwanda focus is business, empowering young people through entrepreneurship. In world networking where business is a key, in this regards therefore JCI Rwanda organizes regular networking events that gather young business people, ie entrepreneurs, managers, innovators, developers, suppliers and clients, network and create business opportunities their ecosystem. During our networking event, young people got opportunities to meet and learn from experienced senior members including CEOs, entrepreneurs, political leaders among others.


In Rwanda, the best way to make a change in your community is to create and run a JCI project. JCI will coach and guide you through the necessary steps to make your project a reality.


As a family, we are open for cultural and international exchanges. Through congresses, meetings, academies and conferences, all JCI members come together on an annual basis to share experiences, connect and learn from each other. Such gatherings promote global citizenship, partnerships and doing business. Members come together to present their actions on local and national level thereafter join forces to set their actions and mission for regional and global issues. This is one of the most impactful section of JCI pillars which enable members to expand their network horizons and build everlasting friendships with other people cross the continent or the entire world.

Our Values & Creed

In JCI, we believe that: