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One year to Lead

JCI offers the opportunity for its members to acquire leadership and management skills in action. Each year JCI Rwanda members can be validly represented by a young leader who has proposed a slogan and an action plan that will take the organization to the highest level for impact at the national level and that must be aligned with the goals of the JCI global action plan.

2024 National Board

Clementine Mukamana

Immediate Past President

Amina Umuhoza

2024 National President


Secretary General

Fimbo Inesse

National Treasurer

Damilola Fasoranti

Vice president in charge of project

Umutoni Naîssa

Vice President in charge of growth and internationalism

Landry Sabana Habyarimana

Head of Communication

Emmanuel Dushimirimana

Local President JCI Kigali Mille Collines

Robert Rugamba

Local President JCI Kigali Youth

Robert Rugamba

Local President JCI Kigali Youth

JCI Rwanda National Past Presidents

With only a year to lead, JCI Rwanda national presidents have taken oath to lead the organization to making positive change across the different communities in Rwanda. Since 2004, JCI Rwanda National Presidents have been a true depiction of peer to peer collaboration. They have relentlessly worked with their fellow youth to think beyond oneself, but of communities surrounding us. They have never feared the challenge of engaging public institutions, private enterprises and civil society organizations to take action. Starting from the founding of our organization, below are the pioneers of youth development in JCI Rwanda.
NPP 2020
NPP 2019
NPP 2009