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Our Members Categories

  • Any member recognized at the creation of the JCI Rwanda .
  • Any member who has / will contribute remarkably to save the organization from its dissolution or disaffiliation .

Persons who have met the following admission requirements:

  1. Being a Rwandan citizen or temporary/permanent resident on Rwandan territory.
  2. Age between 18 years old and 40 years old (student and professional employees and entrepreneurs).
  3. Being a member of any Local Organization fully affiliated to the national organization.
  • Past Presidents :
    All Presidents of this organization who have faithfully fulfilled their responsibilities in the performance of their presidential duties shall be granted life membership, but they shall not have the right to vote beyond 40 years nor occupy a position in this organization unless otherwise qualified.
  • Senators: Outstanding members may be awarded to be Senator of JCI Rwanda by the decision of the General Assembly for honoring them for rendering service to the organization. This will grant them the status of life member of the Association. However, these members will not be able to assume an elective function described in the present statutes if it has reached the 40-year age limit. The awarding of such status shall not exempt the member from paying regular dues to the organization.
  • The Legal Counsel of Senators and Past Presidents: Any life member who is dedicated to the sustainability and survival of the JCI Rwanda Members of Counsel have a duty to accompany the executive committee and especially to mentor and advise the National President of the organization. Legal advice is solicited for any major problem that the organization encounters and has the role of establishing the development strategies of the organization.
  • Any JCI Rwanda member reaching the age limit (40 years) shall be eligible for membership as J.C.E.R Alumnus, which may be granted upon payment of the required annual membership dues. 
  • JCI Rwanda Alumni shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of active individual members, except for the right to vote, to hold office in the organization or be counted in any vote totals. 
  • The procedures for membership, renewal and dues payable shall be defined in the policy manual.
  • Any individual recognized for outstanding political, business, cultural, scientific or social contributions and whose actions reflect JCI Rwanda principles, mission and philosophy may be appointed as a JCI Rwanda Ambassador to promote the organization and further its impact.
  • JCI Rwanda Ambassadors shall be appointed by the President, subject to the approval of the Executive, in order to promote JCI Rwanda and its activities.
  • A JCI Rwanda Ambassadorship may be revoked, temporarily suspended or withdrawn at any time by the Executive Committee on the recommendation of any member of the Executive Committee if a JCI Rwanda Ambassador has not conducted himself or herself in a manner worthy of the organization or his or actions have not been in the best interests of the organization.
  • Any individual supporting the JCI Rwanda by a financial contribution. Sympathizing members can participate in all the organization’s activities like all other individual members.
  • Any individual or legal entity who has assisted the JCI Rwanda in an exceptional manner and admitted as such after deliberation of the Board of Directors.

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